Triform Sheet Hydroforming
889 Horan Drive
St. Louis, MO 63026


The Triform family of forming solutions includes a variety of specialized manufacturing equipment:

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Due to their ability to form challenging geometries with relatively minimal tooling requirements, Triform manufacturing solutions are frequently used in the aerospace & defense industries where short-to-medium run part production is common. However, industries such as automotive, medical device manufacturing, lighting, energy, appliance and oil & gas are discovering the competitive advantages our Triform solutions provide.

Triform forming technologies are engineered, manufactured, serviced and supported by Beckwood Press Company, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. In addition to the Triform line, Beckwood leverages its nearly four decades of capital equipment design/build experience to produce Hot Forming/SPF presses, Compression Molding presses and traditional Drawing & Forming presses.

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